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Music Master

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Vývojář: Jeff Tentschert
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Practice your sight reading anywhere!
Music Master is a high tech set of flash cards for practicing reading music that you can carry with you at all times. No more "killing time" when youre stuck in a line - start up Music Master and practice your sight reading!

Music Master lets you practice reading single notes, chords, and key signatures. All notes and chords can be played by double tapping the card. Note positions can be displayed on variety of instruments:
- Treble clef: piano, guitar, or violin
- C clef: viola
- Bass clef: piano, electric bass, cello, or double bass

In addition to traditional flash cards, you can review with review cards and practice your ear training with interval practice flash cards. Again, all notes can be played by double tapping the card so you can sync your ears to what you see, whether single notes or chords.